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Help & FAQ

  • How to configure CallFilter to get started?
    • To activate CallFilter you need to go to settings iPhone> Do Not Disturb> Call Admission> Select group CallFilter.
    • To make the application work group CallFilter should always be selected in the settings "Do Not Disturb"
    • After this, all settings admission calls made ​​within the application.
  • How to enable CallFilter?
    • To enable CallFilter go to the Quick Access Toolbar iOS7, crescent mode select icon "Do Not Disturb." Crescent appears at the top of the screen, the application included with the used settings.
    • All settings come into effect only after you exit the application.
  • CallFilter Options
    • To configure the functions of the application, select one of three modes of the application.
    • To set call rejection or admission, put a checkmark in the selected groups and/or the line of the "selected" individual contacts.
    • Attention!!!
    • All settings come into effect only after you exit the application.
  • Modes "Only from ..." or "Except ..."
    • The "Only from ..." mode allows you to choose from which contact or group you will allow calls. Calls will be rejected from other contacts and groups.
    • The "Except ..." mode lets you choose any contacts or groups the calls from which will be rejected. Calls from other contacts and groups will not be rejected.
    • You can select only one mode of the application at a time, including a mode restricting calls "from anybody."
    • Attention!!!
    • All settings come into effect only after you exit the application.
  • Groups
    • To make the use of the application settings convenient you have the possibility to group contacts into Groups.
    • To create new groups go to the mode settings "Only from ..." or "Except ..." (it doesn’t matter for the creation of the new Group).
    • Further, in the bottom of the screen next to the group header, click on the plus, set the name of the Group and select the participants, then press back. The group was created and is available for selection in the function "Only from ..." and "Except...".
    • One contact can contain only one group.
  • Schedule the application
    • Do Not Disturb> Scheduled> select the time interval.
  • Unknown contacts
    • You can block all incoming calls from unknown contacts, leaving open the possibility to dial all your contacts.
    • To do this, simply select the "From all except ..." and all unknown contacts will be locked automatically.
    • Getting calls from unknown contacts in the "Do Not Disturb" mode is impossible.
  • … or _
    • When using the application, the following allows you to see the name of a contact that reached you: "Name" or _. This is due to some peculiarity of working with contacts with multiple user groups. Do not worry; contacts have not changed their name.
    • After deactivating the "Do not disturb" function to make the receiving incoming calls from certain contacts not to display in this form, then just go to CallFilter and select "from anybody." Or uncheck the Groups or "selected" contacts through the settings "Only from ..." and "From all except .."

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